my previous sewing experience: working skirt

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April 19, 2013, 12:07 am


A few years ago I made this skirt. It’s a half circle in one piece, ankle length. It’s the first thing I ever made.

It is my working skirt, from sturdy canvas. I’ve been using it around ‘the farm’ for years. Hence it rugged looks and spots. I pulled it out of the hamper just to show you so that’s why wrinkles. (also: I prefer my daily clothes to be free of the need to iron. After washing I hang them outside to dry, after I’ve giving them a good shake. I take care not to have clothes that needs ironing.)


I managed to put in a zipper without referring to the internet or books:


not bad, not bad.

I used the extra fabric from the shaping at the top of the skirt to attach the zipper to. This skirt has no darts for shaping. The canvas fabric is a bit stretchy too.

I remember how, at the bottom of the zipper, I could not imagine how you get from an open ‘pressed’ seam to hold te zipper to a closed seam (two sides together). I fudged it. And it held. I reinforced that bit too, I think.

I didn’t know anything about finishing seams, fraying or lining:

but I did sew the two parts of the seam together, to prevent it from fraying too much. Oho! I even flipped it to one side to catch it under the hem! And you will not believe what I found upon examination -well, do not believe it- I handstitched the seam before sewing it for real. To try it on and check the fit.

I remember: I did not need a whole circle skirt, it was way too much fabric and too much weight. Besides, I wanted a gradual flare. ‘Tight’ around the hips (‘semi-fitted’ or ‘fitted’ is the right dress jargon I believe) and flaring around my knees. More like a mermaid’s tail or whatever it is called. It is a style that suits ‘goblet’ shaped people very well.

I now remember trying on this skirt and taking it in and draping and shaping until I was satisfied. Then I sewed it. Then I ran into the thing that should finish it at the top, some kind of belt or waist band. I don’t have one. I just took extra wide satin band. Flip it over the fraying canvas and sewed 4 or 5 times around the waist.


I put red coloured band all around, just for fun. As an hommage to traditional folk dress. And to make myself smile every time I put on this skirt. Even if it’s just for boring old work around the place. It’s what people did, historically. They embellish the things they use daily. I recommend it.

The canvas is excellent, it stops the wind and I can just sit down anywhere I like. I live in a little cabin in a patch of woods and sometimes I kneel around mucky sheep’s fleeces to skirt them before washing them. I love good working clothes!


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