pen paper scissors cat

Playing with the paper pattern! First: trace the right size onto a piece of paper.
I have no tracing paper but I found an old roll of rice paper. It’s 90 cm wide (nearly 3 feet?) and wide enough to capture the wide part of the skirt piece.
Rice paper is in my house because I do/did Sumi-é, the Japanese brush painting technique:

cat help…

To clearly mark the corners I drew the two meeting lines longer, so they overlap and make a little cross. It’s a habit trick I learned at architect school. It makes a clear mark of the point you intend to be the end of something. Your handdrawn lines may be all wobbly and askew, if you mark the point where they meet it will give a visual clue of your intentions.

I did the same while cutting: just cut a little further than the intended end. Don’t try to turn the corner with scissors.

Seeing how the pattern pieces fit…
Featuring various objects that lay around this room: tape, scissors, a stamp, a wood carving knife, a shoe and a cat. On the left a little silver thingie: it’s a nifty distance holder for my sewing machine. I will insert it at the same distance as the seam allowance of this pattern (1,5 cm). I already drew those lines on all the paper by the way.

ps. see my handknitted sock? Dyed the yarn myself. That blueteal thing is a skirt I felted. Over woolen muslin/chemaine de la laine. Nice and warm!

she’s nagging!
disapproving cats surround this project.

checking the distance between the selvedge edge and the grain line on the pattern piece at one end:

and checking the distance at the other end:
The two distances are the same. The piece lies parallel to the selvedge edge = perfectly in grain.

They fit all nice on the old sheet folded double. There’s even room for the bodice lining. It’s all in grain too. I pinned them to the two sheets of fabric. I could start cutting! It’s all ready!!!

but I guess I should press the sheet first…. I really should. Just to be all official and good the very first time. Just because I intend this to be a toile, a fitting prototype of which I hope to get the pattern pieces of future dresses. So pressing, it really should be done.

Well, let me think about it. I have to go away for a few days now so I will think about it.
Besides, I already realized I did not alter the hip for a size 14, it’s all size 16 that lays here. So altering of the paper pieces should happen anyway before putting it onto the sheet again. And I read somewhere that pinning your paper to your fabric makes the fabric crinkle out of alinement. So I’ll think about that too.

See you in a few days!


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