Back at the sewing table

I’m back in the city. I brought back my scissors.

nah, I’m kidding. I have two proper fabric scissors at the cabin. Not used for anything else but fabric.

My plans to sew while I was at the cabin didn’t come into place. I did talk to another sewer in real life, I met her at my knitting circle. I could tell she was wearing a handmade dress, it looked fantastic on her. Great fit. We talked about marking, cutting and seam allowances. It left me very determent to be precise in that.

So this morning I will try the sharpness of the two fabric scissors I bought back from the cabin. If they don’t perform I will run into town this afternoon and get a pair of micro *mumblebumble* scissors at the fabric shop. And some chalk to mark with.

Today and tomorrow are for sewing. After that I’ll be running around and then retreat to the cabin again. For a long time. Long enough for Summer to arrive so if I don’t have a dress tomorrow afternoon I sure hope to finish sewing at the cabin.

(I may have ordered 22,5 m of pongé silk online…. for lining for all the dresses I’m going to sew)

(It’s white. I can dye it myself. Wouldn’t that be marvelous, to have a cheerful lining in a respectable dress?)



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