started sewing my dress

I forgot that metal thing that makes for easy seam allowance at the cabin. Electric tape to the rescue:
seam allowance = 1,5cm

Because I also forgot how smartly structured I wanted to do it and I cannot find it back on this blog -which lacks in both smartness and structure- I am following the Butterick instructions instead.
first off: sew and press darts in the top
Here’s where I started doubting already. When I folded the dart along its centre line, the under sides didn’t line up as you can see here. To the left, one side peeps from under the other one. I was worried that the bottom line that will eventually be attached to the skirt will not have one continious curve.

So I fudged it a bit… made the lines lie more together. By doing this I changed the vertical angle of the bustdart, it now points a bit to the side instead of the apex. Looking back at the picture I see the bottom line would be continious, had I sewn it the way it was intended and is folded here. We’ll see what I’ll end up with instead….

I then sewed the bodice both in fabric and in lining. Of course I sewed the shoulder parts of the lining from the wrong sides. The neat part of the seam is now on the wrong side.
As I also forgot my darning tool at the cabin I decided to view this mistake as a chance to practice a flat fell seam.

trim one side shorter:

fold over and over again. Sew close from the right side.

on the second shoulder I discovered my top thread had escaped the needle. So I threaded it and sewed the seam again. Which is when I discovered the bottom thread had not been carried along.
Which is when I knew I was too tired to go on. Time for chocolate, tea, lying on the couch and doing some simple knitting.

Tomorrow I’ll pick it up again. I’ll include a little trip into town to get a new darning tool. I’m sure I’m going to need it.
(Hey, while I’m there I can buy that seam allowance tool)


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