Wriggle Dress: thinking about it.

Now that my Summer Dress is neaaaaarly finished I’ve started thinking about the next one: a wiggle dress from Butterick 6582. I swore I’d never use a pattern again but I’ll try one more. I already have this pattern and it more probably that it is my mistake than that of Butterick that the first one didn’t work out.

it will be the blue one. No bows. No belt.

I measured my now well fitting Summer dress against this new pattern. It looks like I’ll be sewing a size 12.

Lots of people report troubles with the shoulder piece, especially the gathering and fixing the smaller piece to the front piece. (it is a faux wrap over). The solution seems to be pleats which can best be handstitched.

I would like to use a souple monocoloured fabric for this.

I have some taupe coloured I could try. A friend gave it to me, just as I discovered I look amazing in this colour. I discovered it because another friend knitted this wimple for me, it is taupe coloured:

my camera lied again. It really is not light coloured lilac. It is a midtoned taupe. Not too warm in colour. Looks great when I wear a bright or light accent with it! I expect the same of the fabric.

But the fabric is not cotton and not linen and not silk and not wool…. the pattern calls for lining or facing. The fabric needs it, I’m sure. I’m not very confident about either…

this review surely recommends it and has some other solutions too. Underlining seems a good idea. Lining seems impossible. The interfacing makes people grumpy.

If I decide to cut and sew, I’ll need to remember to start each stitching line with a little back up stitching, to secure the sewing thread. I’m not going to spend hours and hours again securing threads.

hand stitched blind hem?

lots of people comment that the short shoulder piece doesn’t fit nicely. The v doesn’t end up front and centre. The gathering is all frumpy. The neckline is way higher than the illustration suggests.

An obvious solution would be to make the small piece in a different colour. Or attach it purposefully off centre. Make it into a design feature. Make it without pleats or gathering and let the other shoulder take all the credit.

I’m a bit confused. Why not baste the darts, then sew up the side seams and the zipper for real and then finetune the bust darts for a really good fit?


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