Summer Dress: Still some finishing left.

Here’s the dress, nearly NEARLY finished:

Look at the ridiculous darts I had to put in in the front to have the neck line behave.
Still some details to finish: the neckline did not come out symmetrical. Have to adjust it by hand. Still contemplating if I should loosen the lining for that or not.

Also: when I fastened the lining in the back it made for a nasty thick seam allowance, which I turned upwards as per pattern instructions. It now looks like I’m carrying a sausage around my waist or a lazy cat stretched out. The form fitting against my back is distorted.

So there you are. Still no proper pictures as there are still problems to be solved. I am getting tired of this too so the dress has to take a time out every time I encounter another problem.
But hey, I’ve got the dress here, with me. I’ve found a clothes hanger to hang it on. And my husband is here for another day and he can take a picture, even if I don’t solve the back and the neckline soon. So there will be modelling pictures this weekend!


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