plans: make a skirt

People that start sewing usually start with an A-line skirt before trying to tackle a couture dresse.

Well, I need a skirt. I am in the middle of making a dress, that’s true, but I found this great tutorial by One Avian Daemon and I think I might like to make a skirt first. The dress has been travelling with me to and from the city for weeks now, not getting sewed. Because life happens.

Perhaps a skirt will speed things up.

Besides, I could do with a skirt.

One Avian Daemon made this nice green one and her tutorial looks good. I can do a skirt, it’s the waist band that I’ve never done before.


I have all kinds of wonderful plans to use handwovens for clothes. Skirts. Lined skirts. But first, let me sew a skirt, from factory fabric.

So, this is my challenge for next week, when I’m back at the cabin once more: sew a skirt. (And get a good basis pattern for that) (of course I am just going to use my sloper and extend it into a skirt)

(next plan: make a dress model from the practice sloper)

22 to 28 of July: I’m sewing a skirt. I’ll try to blog about it every day, I like that. Already looking forward to Monday!


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