Learning from a finished dress: drafting and flies.

A dear sewist friend came up with this solution to get rid of that fold in the side:

Cut along the black lines and bring them together. This solution was inspired by the Dutch book of pattern alterations: Maatwerk2 Pasvormcorrecties by Rianet Knevel.

What an elegant solution! The Center Front will eventually have a slight bend in it and I’d try to match it with the grainline as much as possible. But this way I could maintain my long princess seams and still get rid of that extra fabric. I love long princess seams!

Thank you Marijan for once again expanding my views on pattern drafting!
(please send a bottle of time so I can study and travel all these horizons.)

The other thing I learned since finishing the dress yesterday is that it needed a fly. I do not know the English term for it but it is not the zip fly I’m talking about.
I mean a little piece of embroidery that reinforces a split. Because mine are tearing already!

“you calling me fat?”

I’ve already started the fly. This is what I’m aiming for:



With the flies in place, I’m now ready to shake-shake-shake in our glamorous kitchen:


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