FO: Faraday’s cage

I have build myself a Faraday’s cage.
It will shield my body from all the High Frequency Radiation that’s going on, from sources such as mobile phone networks and wifi.

The fabric is Silver Tulle from, a jersey fabric that has a silver coating. This is one of the highest shielding materials, shielding up to 50 dB at 1 GigaHerz.

Sewing jersey is a pain. It stretches a lot. The company offers a sewing service but they warn that it is difficult for them to sew to very precise measurements with this fabric. The lady I spoke to on the phone genuinely wished me good luck when I told her I’d be sewing myself. Luckily I only need to sew some straight lines, along the selvedge of the fabric.
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle
With shielding material it is important that there are no holes in the construction to let any of those little radiation waves through and especially the seams need to be folded over. Here the jersey worked to my advantage. As any knitted fabric it has the tendency to roll. I put the two pieces right sight to wrong side, so they wanted to roll together, and sewed the seam.

Indeed it rolled and it is now part of a perfectly closed cage of Faraday:
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

The frame consists of the flexible tubes I got from a children’s playhouse:

I put it on its side, removed the cloth (which made the tubes SPROIING! into round hoops).
I keep them in a longer, flatter shape with some woven bands.
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle
I specifically chose my most favourite band, purchased to use on clothing, many years ago. As I’ll be spending many an hour in this tent I like something nice to look at. It is also why I have them with the nice side facing inwards.
I attached snaps at the ends. This way I can amend the shape and the measurements of the tent any time I want to. This current shape is excellent for laying in it and reading. But I think I also want a shape that’s good for sitting upright, perhaps while watching tv and/or knitting.

Tubes with fabric draped over it:
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

Entrance through the side:
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

Once inside I fold the fabric under so the fabric overlaps all around. No holes or gaps.

It works!
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

Cutting a silverlined fabric? Don’t use your good cloth scissors! Use the bleu paper pair.
Faraday cage yshield silver tulle

Next week I’ll take it to the city and take my daily rests in it. I wonder what the outcome will be! But first I need to put in a felted underlayer. That way the cat can join me. She really wants to but the fabric is too vulnerable for her love stamping feet clawing.
Also, silver has a tendency to discolour, as you know. That is why I can expect discolouration from oxidation and from the oils in my hands. Not to worry. A true testing engineer doesn’t mind 😉

Then a big thank you to in Germany. It’s with them that I bought this fabric. Their customer service is excellent. They are very friendly and personally oriented. And they know their technical stuff.
I called them early one morning to ask a question I had mentioned the evening before by email and the lady answering didn’t need no introduction, as soon as she heard my name she switched to English and knew what I was talking about. A really good company I gladly recommend.

Delivery was fast, free and well secured:

I am not paid for this endorsement.


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