in need of new toiles? Atlas Profilax Results

You know this dress, I took pictures six months ago and again last night:

BEFORE………………………………….. AFTER

In both these pictures I’m standing straight and relaxed. This is me thinking “stand up straight”. I have weight distributed equally over both legs.

The most obvious difference between the two is the horizontal line of the bodice front. There’s also difference in the round shape of the shoulders, they seem lower and more relaxed in the second picture.
Perhaps you notice how my head is more tilted to the side in one picture, I don’t wear it straight in the middle. I have a dent in my side too, it seems I distribute more weight to the other leg. I am not however, weight is distributed equally. I’m standing relaxed and straight in both pictures.

What you cannot see is the rotation in my body. I used to carry my left shoulder (cap) in front of my shoulder line. My right is behind it.
Let’s say it used to be like this: when my eyes are looking at yours, my boobs are checking out the person on your left.
Nowadays both my eyes and boobs are just looking at you.

AtlasProfilax posture afterwards

Oh, how I feel boorish in this after-picture… so chunky and with wrinkled elbows…
Like a lumberjack. And that’s ok lalalalaa etc.
I’m showing you my pic nonetheless. Perhaps you notice some differences between the two. (I can’t look long enough)

It’s the Anemone Dress. Me wearing it 6 months ago and me wearing it yesterday evening -while x-mas dinner was already on the table, sssh

Please believe me that in both stances I am standing relaxed, up straight but totally relaxed. I don’t keep my belly in, I’m not favouring one hip over the other.

The pictures of six months ago show why I need tailor made toiles and dresses: I’m a zig zaggy person.

The pictures of last night are a result of a treatment called Atlas Profilax. Or Atlas Correction. I had it last week.
They temporarily make the muscles relax (a bit) that keep your skull on top of your backbone. In this split second the skull slides back in a more centered position.
In most people the skull is not perfectly aligned with the top vertebrae (the Atlas). It sits just a tiny bit askew. The other vertebrae compensate for this, ending with the lowest part of the back bone: the hips. Here the skewness shows: the hips are not level. Most people have one leg that’s longer than the other.

Well, they used a small electrical prod to relaxe the muscles a tiny bit (not a pleasant treatment I tell you, these muscles are not meant to relax ever because if they would your head would dangle from your shoulders.)
There was NO manipulation of bones in any ways. (Don’t ever let anyone manhandle your upper vertebrae or the bones of the skull. Not unless you’re in an operating theatre and even then don’t give professionals your trust easily)

It was a five minute treatment, preceded by 45 minutes of explanation and lowering of expectations and warnings of possible risks. Because this is not a wonder treatment and only level headed people should get their head screwed on straight.

I didn’t feel a movement or click or anything. No one ever does. But when I stood up from that chair my shoulders were level. My torso was no longer rotating on top of my hips. And all the other things you can see in these pictures.

Since then I’ve had lots of muscle aches now that my shoulder and back muscles no longer need to maintain a cramped position. My shoulders are relaxed, my head rides tall on top of my back bone. I feel like dancing and swirling all the time. I walk a lot these days, I want to. And I have an urgent craving for fish and gelatinous fish stock every day. (??)

BEFORE…………………………………. AFTER
AtlasProfilax posture afterwards

It’s hard to tell from these pictures precisely but in the past I used this before-picture to illustrate the rotation my body used to have. It shows in how much my hands are towards the viewer. I’m keeping them straight and the same, in my mind.
The after-picture still shows a difference between how the hands face foreward but there’s difference between the two pictures and I expect there to become more as my body adjusts to the new posture. At least I’m able to hold my right arm closer to my body. (Again I’m standing straight, in my mind.)

The forces of gravity are distributed along my frame in a different way now. It will take some time for the frame to adjust (bones and connective tissues).
My hips are still uneven, but less so, and this might level out even more in the next few months.

A perfectionist sewer may feel the need to make new toiles. Me, I’ve resigned to enjoying dresses with more ease for the next few months, so I have a bit of wriggle room.


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