Finished: owl skirt

And I’ve been wearing it for days now.
It is sturdy upholstery fabric. This means it keeps its shape very well (I could have played some more with that) and that I don’t know yet how to add a pocket because folding the fabric for some kind of seam will make it too bulky. I’ll probably go with a free floating pocket with bias band around the slit to keep it from fraying.

From the front. A sturdy waist band. Lots of wearing ease, making this skirt a pleasure to wear but due to its stiff fabric not very flattering.
The hem is sewn blind by hand.

From the back:
A vent which is a good way to add walking room to a skirt. I used this tutorial, by A Fashionable Stich, it’s so easy!

The darts in the back are about 15 cm long (6 inches) and called the cyclops owl into existence. In the front the darts are just 5 cm (2 inches)

From the side, with headless owl:

I just wrapped the fabric around me instead of cutting out a front panel and a back panel. The shaping normally in the side seam I now put into the skirt via a dart.
I did not take into account how little drape this fabric has. As a result the skirt stands rather independently. It stands away from my hips. This is okay since I have little hip curves to begin with. But I could have worked with this characteristic more conscious.
As it is now, it’s rather a stiff skirt with missed opportunities for shaping.

Due to not wanting to form crisp folds the vent looks a bit awkward too.
I’m not worried. The owls and me moving in the skirt will draw away the attention, especially from non-sewers.


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