new old sewing machine: retro Vesta

This followed me home from the thrift store:

I know nothing about it and it’s pretty dirty. But it has a metal casing, it ran in the store and it’s from before computers so it’ll be easy to fix if something isn’t good. Ain’t got no worries ’bout this un!

The colour! Option to zig zag!
the future is bright

At the moment I’m knee deep in wool but when the weather outside changes I’m playing with this new old toy.

UPDATE 2017:

I cleaned it up. It’s not a Vesta, it’s a Senwa. And it’s busted. It only sews backwards. It seems it is beyond repair. Or so the expert tells me, the one at Rijkers Naaimachines in Veghel, and they know their business.

They also told me this type comes from a generic machine factory (in Japan) that uses plastic gears. Metal gears are better.

Parts have not been on the market for 30 years.


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