a Dress Form: Prym Prymadonna S 611 755

I’ve bought a dress form!

This is the adjustable dress form by Prym and it comes at a cheap price for an adjustable dress form. You can adjust buste, waist and hip individually from each other. (Other forms may let you only scale up the total: you dial the hip to size 42 and waist and buste go to 42 too.)

It has a four legged standard and a device to mark the hem all around. It’s made of plastic with a purple cover. The package only weighs 6 kilos.
Size S is for sizes 36 to 42 (Chest: 84 – 100 cm; Waist: 66 – 84 cm; Hips: 91 – 109 cm)

It’s technical information is listed right under the thimbles.
I think Prym only introduced this product in March 2015…

Every product is worth no more than you pay for it. This dress form is not perfect (but for this money well worth it I think)
These are the critiques I found on the net:
1 It’s a rigid surface with a rather thin layer of fabric to pin things on.
2 It’s a bit wobbly due to its lightness.
3 When the chest is expanded there aren’t much boobs left.
4 Measurements don’t match the one on the dials.
5 When you assemble it some of the plastic inner parts can have sharp edges.
6 Some people find it hard to get the hang of manning the adjusting dials.

These are the solutions:
1 set it to a slightly smaller size and add a layer that will hold pins better
2 haven’t figured this one out. Work with downwards motions.
3 add a bra that fits you well
4 measure the form and adjust to this knowledge instead of the numbers on the dials
5 be careful during assembling and if you plan to do that often round off the edges with a file. A nail file will do.
6 practise. Perhaps add some grease or candle wax.

Then you get, for a low price (100-175 euro), a dress form that is adjustable for your own and other peoples measurements.

I plan to only use it for myself and to make it an identical double of my own body, by padding it out until it matches my exact measurements.

As a base to start from it’s very good, for that price. It has a wide foot to stand on; it can combine my small hips with my wide torso and I don’t mind that it then looses boobage because I’d add a bra of mine anyway because I want to be sure to have the my exact curves.
With the padding (and the no-ease body shell I plan to put over it) I will have enough thickness and sturdy surface to attach pins to. It will be able to hold up heavier fabrics. I will be able to drape on it!

Poppaea Olimpia.jpg “Poppaea Olimpia” by Nanosanchez

For the padding I’ll use some tricks found in this blog post: http://www.clothingpatterns101.com/padding-the-body-form.html
Especially how to define the underbust once the bra and cover are on. And the notion that I’ll need padding in variegating thicknesses to perfect to my measurements. Not just 1″ thick padding.
I won’t use plastic bags though, I’ll opt for felt or carded wool instead.

This is a very good tutorial for making a dress form to your own measurements: http://sewchicpatterns.blogspot.nl/2011/12/copy-your-figure-dressform-tutorial.html
She strongly advises to start with a solid dress form, not an adjustable one…

Oh! A wonderful tip is to take a picture of your dress form and of you wearing the cover and compare them side by side! You’re looking for differences in silhouette that need to be eliminated.
pic by Marion Bellet

Another great tip from the Sew Chic Patterns blog:”after you’re done, spray the mannequin and its cover so the fabric will shrink a bit and be nice and tight.” Excellent idea!

Last year I saw the dress forms they use for Strictly Come Dancing on TV: a professional sewing studio that has to make high functional garments for all the contestants every week. They use solid bases with padding.
pic by Clara Molden

hahaha, this tutorial has padding with bean bags: http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/42976/pad-a-dress-form-to-your-true-body-shape/page/all
Can’t do that, the Prymadonna will get top heavy.
(Tutorial is by a true cling foil fan. Brrrrr.)

NB to myself:
padd the back at the top, you’ve got an S-thing going on there

Well, it will be here next week. I better find some cotton batting and fabric to make a shell with.

The dresses from last year’s Strictly Come Dancing finals on the indidualized dress forms (with a “sock” over it)
pic by Steve Reigate


2 thoughts on “a Dress Form: Prym Prymadonna S 611 755

  1. Leuk!!
    Je kunt je pop minder wiebelig maken door de onderkant te verzwaren. Leg bijvoorbeeld iets op de poten, een zakje grind bijvoorbeeld

  2. I just bought an adjustoform celine and will do the same, pad it out to my own measurements. I set the chest to my under chest measurement and like you will add a bra. I also just ordered the prym beige and dotty cover so I will have a nice cover on it once I have padded it out to hide all my adjustments and make it look pretty again.

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