Skirt-A-Long in IKEA fabric: cutting the panels.

Podcast Inside Number 23 is doing a sew-a-long for a skirt with pockets and a waist band. The main activity is in the Ravelry group.

Today I’m diving in with the self drafted pattern I’ve made over the Summer and with this fabric I bought at IKEA today:
nattslim fabric ikea

I think it’s called “Glimnatt”, “glistening night”. It’s 1 x 1.50 m and a midweight canvas. I prefer their heavier canvas but this print is just beautiful for a winter skirt.

I might line the skirt, if I want it to be a winter garment.

Front panel cut:
Hollyburn sew a long. Front panel

My front and back panel have the same pattern piece. I fold away the waist band (I’m getting a sewing lesson next Monday to learn to properly draft a shaped waist band and reinforce it with non-iron interfacing etc.)

The pocket is also folded away as is the flare in the lower side seam. Both will get made into separate pieces that will be attached later.

I’ve since folded the pocket back to its original place and used the pattern to cut the back. Now I’m about to cut the flares and the pockets. It would be nice if I get to finish the pockets and the sideseams before Monday.


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