Skirt-A-Long: waist band and Pippi pincushion

I had a sewing lesson and learned about my preferred waist band: shaped and reinforced with non-iron interlining.
skirt sewalong

For interfacing there’s non-stretching tape which can be laid across the band, in overlapping pieces (yellow band or unconventional stuff like curtain band). Then there’s woven interfacing which can be something like sturdy cotton (twill) or something specifically used in jackets such as horse hair braid. I had never seen it. I like it!

These are my pieces, front and back band:
skirt sewalong


skirt sewalong

What’s that in the background?
skirt sewalong
It’s my new pin cushion!
skirt sewalong
From Dangerous Jane on etsy. Very warmly recommended!

attaching the lining to the skirt:
skirt sewalong
Waist bands at the top.

Adding the waist band to the skirt, here is the lower part after grading:
skirt sewalong

Fold and pin and press before sewing. Making sure everything lies neatly.
skirt sewalong


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