Forging an iron seam stiletto sewing help.

Yesterday I forged an iron knive and a tool to help with sewing:
Mes smeden ijzersmeden workshop Veghel Phoenix Cultuur NoordkadeMes smeden ijzersmeden workshop Veghel Phoenix Cultuur Noordkade
It was a one day workshop with a real black smith.

In a well equiped black smith forgery in Veghel. It’s situated in an old factory that’s repurposed to dozens of studios, skilled craft working places, food courts, cinema and the best chips/fries of the country. Phoenix Cultuur offers many courses and workshops there.

The smith is Niek Eikelenboom from Black Oak forgery in Schijndel:

In the Netherland you’re not allowed to carry a knive in the street. That’s why sewing a leather holder is part of the workshop. Again natural materials: leather, waxed thread, steel needles. Love it!

Blacksmithing is amazing! You can make your own tools, exactly to your own requirements! The knive is made to the width of your own hand which makes it ergonomic. The forgery was fool of tools that were customized. My hand got twitchy just thinking about the possibilities! Scissors, pliers, grabby tools, stabby tools, melting pots, cooking tools, poking tools. Useful things!

That’s why yesterday, for our extra project, I made a sewing tool, a seam stiletto or rather a tool to help with keeping the fabric and threads at the right place while I sew over them. It’s the part I use my seam ripper most for during a sewing project:

handforged iron sewing tool

All beginners were deemed good enough to make a bottle opener, with two slightly curved flat bits at the end and a round twisty bit in the middle. I just changed one end into a sharp and flat end and now I’ve got a new sewing tool:
handforged iron sewing tool
handforged iron sewing tool

It’s called a seam stiletto I believe. It’s a good orifice hook for spinning too. And I can probably also open bottles with it.