Modern Traditionalism quilt Churn Dash block

There’s a challenge from the Dutch Modern Quilt Qilde to redesign a traditional quilt block using modern quilting approaches. The various approaches are listed on the gilde’s site

They are: Negative space
No borders
Minimalist / less is more
Bright and graphic colour palettes
Improvisational piecing
Improvisational quilting
Alternative gridwork
Modern traditionalism
Exaggerated scale
Texture (quilting)
Low volume

The block I chose is the Churn Dash:

It’s essentials are that the corner triangles are bigger than the bars running between the triangles. And that the centre is squarish, not rectangle. If any of these characteristics are changed you end up with other blocks such as Shoofly or Greek Cross.

“Churn Dash”? Making butter? I couldn’t help but delve into butter churners to try and find the original inspiration for the name.

It’s the stick that’s pumped up and down that’s the churn dash or churn dasher. Its end is shaped to disturb the cream as much as possible and this is where the name of the block comes from.

Glasgow Museum butter churn dasher. Wonderful link to historic stories.

I did a liberated approach, from Gwen Marston:

Follow the sequence of sewing, don’t worry about precise cutting, keep a look out for essential contrasts. Cut finished blocks to size. I sewed the nine blocks together with great precision because the lining up around the centre block is important with Churn Dash, I feel.

I made a (big) bag out of it, 60 x 60 cm:

The second thing I did was a minimalistic approach:

A large cushion, 55 x 55 cm. The finished project bulges but the top is flat and square, with the light pieces being the essentials of Churn Dash, I hope.

Quilting was purposefully direction to highlight Churn Dash.

With the minimalistic approach I took care in arranging the pieces, looking at composition and how much dark was needed between the light pieces:

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