Hi, I’m Anna and in Spring 2013 I decided to sew my first dress ever. I bought a pattern and watched the Craftsy course Couture Sewing by Susan Khaljé. I bought books about Couture techniques. Then I sewed.

My machine is a traditional foot treadle sewing machine. I love it, such a piece of precision engineering.
They are a joy to work with even though you have to think of alternatives for zigzag stitch or overlocking.

Did you know these old machines have a tiny hole instead of a slit, where the needle meets the foot? Perfect for sewing silks, it never gets gobbled up by the machine.

When I started out didn’t know anything about sewing, grain, ease, size or lining but I was going to learn and I was going to learn it well. Think toile, fitting for alterations, hand stitching and couture techniques.

By now I’ve made a couple of dresses and I am wearing them with confidence. I’m still learning though. Very much so.
These days my learning revolves around princess seams, armholes and pattern drafting.
I’ve met the end of virtual learning, I need the aid of someone with experience. I’m looking for a teacher.

It is a great pleasure to have clothing that fits well and that flatters the body type. It feels rich to wear something that required attention, time and skills.

I wear my dresses daily: I sit on the ground in them, I eat messy chocolate in them, I do gardening in them. They are to live in.

a happy dress is good medicine

pic by Tamlyn Rhodes

pictures from which the headers were taken were made by Dave DyetAndrea Kratzenberg, FOUR by Gölin Doorneweerd – Swijnenburg, Eve BlackwoodMichaela Kobyakov, Andreas Krappweis,  jm2c, mhidayat1 and madmick99


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  1. You have the patience to sew well, and I admire your tenacity. Now you need a real live person to learn from and to pick his/her brain for ideas. I learned from my mother, from 4H and from many, many classes with live teachers. It is a lifelong process and so enjoyable. Good luck to you.

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