emerging love for quilting with a disappearing nine patch block of love.

We were making a comfort blanket for my friend and I decided to do my first quilt thing ever. It was a disappearing nine patch block because I saw a whole quilt of it at her home this Summer and I loved her work instantly.
quilt strip for comfort blanket
I chose to quilt inside each square because that’s what she had done, instead of in the seam/ditch, and I love this look myself too.

When sewing the initial block I had to pay attention to contrast and to direction of the plant swirls:
quilt dissapearing 9 nine block

These are the tutorials I used:

I played around with the placement of the blocks:
quilt dissapearing 9 nine blockquilt dissapearing 9 nine blockquilt dissapearing 9 nine blockquilt dissapearing 9 nine block

I chose one and sewed it onto the backing, effectively quilting for the first time ever. I thought myself clever by tying the threads from the inside while quilting this block:
quilt strip for comfort blanket
It only works partially though because you have to quilt the pieces furthest apart first and you can’t get into tight spaces. It breaks the flow of working. Not so clever haha

A second block was made with the linen my friend Lieneke from Wolop.nl handdyed with me. This fabric is scrap-put-together, as I learned from 15minutesplay.com when I made that needle case.
I put all blocks on one continiously piece of backing: ecological cotton handdyed by yet another friend of ours: Moonwise.
Here I am quilting the indigo linen block onto the back, again within each piece instead of stitching in the ditch:
scrap quilt first quilt ever
I’m using different coloured thread for the front and the back. The front is done with white thread for the white parts and indigo dyed thread for the blue parts. The indigo thread is the thread I used to bind the fabric shibori style for dyeing:
scrap quilt first quilt ever

The back is light pink because I did not have enough indigo thread and the white was too much contrast. This cotton has pink and purple tints so I think it worked:
scrap quilt first quilt ever

My strip was going to be part of a blanket made from several strips including some knitted ones. I needed to add a border so the friend sewing the blanket together could pick up stitches and knit the strips together:
quilt strip for comfort blanket
I attached a cotton yarn to a piece of non-stretching satin band, using the zig zag stitch on my machine for the first time.
This is my third block with the border attached and already stitches picked up because that was quite a job that I didn’t want to burden my knitter friend with.

The fabric is from a small vendor at the market in Doetinchem, near my cabin, who specializes in African wax prints.
quilt strip for comfort blanket
The blue band on the top is a ready made band with loops for easy picking up stitches.  I used it in my first summer dresses. Here I am attaching it, it’s easy bias band. So much easier than that self made satin band!
quilt strip for comfort blanket
My sewing accessory is a fast make-shift pincushion that I needed asap when I started this quilt. It’s just a piece of felted pullover rolled up and stitched together, with lush silk handspun because I may be thrifty and efficient, I’m also snobby when it comes to materials.

Using my new glass head pins, all white, which are extra long. Glass. Like.

This is the fourth block, a piece of a silk scarf that is very dear to me and that I have never used apart from sewing a little WIP bag for ChristaV:
quilt strip for comfort blanket
I quilted this one sparcely, just through the flower stem:
quilt strip for comfort blanket

Because I found out I like things quilted with a bit of room between them, so the resulting blanket remains pliable and souple and the batting gets a chance to fluff up a bit and be warm. The first blocks are quilted much more dense:
quilt strip for comfort blanket

The flowery block has my favourite ratio I think.
quilt strip for comfort blanket

It was difficult to make these shapes with a regular sewing foot. A free motion foot was recommended but they are crazy expensive and you need to guide the fabric for speed (length stitch) too and that is just a bit too much. I don’t have those skills yet. Also I don’t love quilts with little scribbles and rounds particularly so have not invested in this.

I do have bought a walking foot but it seems to have gone missing between here and China.

Here’s my whole strip:
quilt strip for comfort blanket

Here’s the whole blanket:

We went visit my friend and delivered it at the facility where’s she’s healing. She likes it 🙂
In fact she loves it! And we love her. And now she has a tactical reminder of that love.

(And I have started my first full size quilt yesterday. Which has all begun at her home, with that lovely disappearing nine patch quilt.)