finished dresses

Bantam dress, made more fitting:

Hoezee dress, a study that turned out wearable:

second wearable dress after Atlas Profilax posture change: white grey colourblock dress. Self drafted princess lines. March 2015:

First wearable dress after posture change in December 2013 due to Atlas Profilax treatment. I then spend a year getting used to my new posture and trying out toiles. I did make some skirts then. But the first dress didn’t happen until 2015: Red Bleuet, pattern by Deer&Doe. February 2015:

third dress ever: Anemone Dress in stretchy cotton, based on sloper. July 2013:

(before and after spine adjustment through Atlas Profilax treatment. In both pictures I’m standing up straight. After picture was taking in December 2013. I had to throw away my sloper.)

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second dress: Wriggle Dress in white linen, based on Butterick 6582. June 2013:


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first dress ever: Summer Dress in pink cotton, based on Butterick 5603. June 2013:


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