sequence of steps

  1. wash fabric. Check notions needed.
  2. Check machine: sharp needle, oil needed?
  3. run the paper pattern. Check seam allowance, wearing ease, bust width, waist and hip, shortening to size Petite. Add pocket.
  4. lay paper pieces on fabric. Check for grain. Look at the fabric: printing errors? No dots or circles on boobs. Pin pattern to fabric.
  5. cut (remember to add pocket and vent). Cut lining too.
  6. staystitch. Run off the fabric on corners; after sewing run each seam through your fingers so the fabric and the seam are evenly dispersed.
  7. change to right colour of thread.
  8. sew darts in blouse/dress. Sew vent in skirt.
  9. press dart
  10. sew zipper in bodice
  11. sew sideseams, princess seams and shoulder seams. These seams might have to come out, don’t grow attached to them.
  12. fit.
  13. mark changes on a piece of paper or on pattern.
  14. adjust seams if necessary. Resew them.
  15. fit.
  16. make changes if necessary and fit until perfect (or well enough)
  17. press sewn seams, topstitch where necessary.
  18. sew rest: lining, sleeves, waist band.
  19. fit.
  20. adjust if necessary.
  21. press
  22. fit. If good, it’s final.
  23. add collar, cuffs.
  24. Sew hem.
  25. press.
  26. finish edges (pinking shears).
  27. fit and enjoy.
  28. finishing touches with handstitching if necessary.